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We take all necessary precautions to protect our clients and our team, by reviewing and updating our communication plans in accordance with current government advice.

Why Us

Spec Services is a professional commercial and construction cleaning, services workforce management company. Through safe, efficient and high-quality standards, Spec is moving towards becoming the industry benchmark for service contract management. We set ourselves apart through a collaborative and professional approach, delivering on time, on budget and on Spec.

We are focused on providing facility managers, builders, developers and contractors with an unmatched level of quality, understanding and exceptional service.

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Safe, efficient and high-quality standards

At Spec, we view quality management as essential to the long-term success of our competitive position, reputation, client and employee satisfaction. Spec is committed to providing the highest possible level of service at an equitable and reasonable cost. Through documented procedures, inspection and appraisals working toward….

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Driven by safety, backed by professionals

Spec Services take Work Health and Safety very seriously. Supported by both HappyHR and the MBA, with professionally implemented Industrial relations and WHS policies and procedures, Spec undergoes strict external WHS and compliance audits with the industry leaders – Contractor Compliance Australia, Government IRE….

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Environment, recycling & waste

At Spec, we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint through a sustainable waste management system. We strive to divert waste from landfill and minimise the cost of waste management and also environmental impact. We offer design, consultancy, management, training and support with reporting sustainable waste outcomes. We currently in the process….

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