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Spec Indigenous

Spec Indigenous

Spec Services has worked in partnership with an Indigenous organisation since 2017 and recently launched our Spec Indigenous division. 

Spec Indigenous is focused on providing opportunities to Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islanders in improving their education pathways, employment prospects and ongoing career development. 


We are committed to being proactive allies to Indigenous communities and businesses and will continue to play a role in maximising opportunities for Indigenous participation. We see Indigenous participation as more than just a checklist and are focused on meaningful Indigenous inclusion throughout all aspects of the way we do business.

Our ultimate Indigenous participation goal is to improve Indigenous employment opportunities starting from high school education. We are committed to empowering Indigenous Australians and Torres Strait Islander students in making informed decisions about their employment choices and financial future.

“We aspire to support a generation that is better educated, more engaged, and more focused on their professional development”

Kate Hale, Managing Director

We are currently on a journey to achieve our Indigenous Participation goal and have sought guidance by partnering with Indigenous enterprises, charities, and support programs such as the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) educational program.


Spec Indigenous is currently developing an Indigenous Procurement Policy and Indigenous Participation Plan which reflects our commitment to employing, training, coaching, and mentoring Indigenous employees through the Spec Indigenous Employee Development Program (EDP). The Spec Indigenous EDP has been designed to upskill our Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander employees to a level where they are better equipped to confidently take their next career steps.

As part of our commitment to supporting Indigenous participation, we are also developing a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) which will reflect Reconciliation Australia’s five inter-relationship dimensions.

The RAP will drive Indigenous education, engagement, collaboration, and knowledge sharing within Spec Indigenous, Spec Services, and local industry.

1.      Race relations

2.      Equality and equity

3.      Unity

4.      Institutional integrity

5.      Historical acceptance


Spec Indigenous is passionate about creating long lasting intergenerational legacies for our Indigenous suppliers and we use Indigenous products and services where we can. These businesses are innovative, flexible, and grateful for the opportunity to prove themselves. We find Indigenous-owned businesses often step up and go above and beyond to deliver exceptional quality in products and services and we are happy to support them in growing their businesses.

Australia’s business population includes just 0.6% of Indigenous-owned businesses. Spec Indigenous believes that these businesses should not carry the burden of fighting discrimination and creating positive change on their own.

The social value or impact you get from buying a product or service from an Indigenous- owned business is important for our future generations

Pete McCann, CEO Yarraman Group

We have integrated Indigenous procurement targets into our Supplier and Subcontractor Selection Procedure and use Supply Nation to search verified Indigenous-owned businesses to support Spec Services. 

We also ask our non-Indigenous suppliers whether they have a RAP or an Indigenous Participation Plan and what they are doing to support Indigenous-owned businesses.

Spec Services in partnership with the Yarraman Group created Spec Indigenous to encourage First Nation’s people like Mick to upskill and have economic empowerment.

Mick Kennedy joined Spec Services in 2016 and has attended multiple training courses whilst with Spec Services, gaining confidence and qualifications very quickly leading to full-time employment.

Mick is currently doing a great job supervising the warehouse, conducting deliveries to site and maintaining equipment to a high standard. Having started with no driver’s license; Mick now drives the delivery Van and is responsible for pre start checks on all company vehicles.

“It feels great to have this opportunity to gain skills and to enjoy going to work every day” – Mick Kennedy


In partnership with Spec Services’ cleaning team, we have provided cleaning services to the Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Centre since 2018.

Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service provides a culturally safe, holistic health care service for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of the ACT and surrounding regions.

They been at the forefront of setting a national agenda for quality improvement in Aboriginal community-controlled health and continues to advocate locally and nationally for best practice standards in all operational and governance areas of all Aboriginal health services.