Reducing our environmental footprint

Spec Services is committed to reducing our environmental footprint through adhering to Australian sustainable waste management practices and guidelines. Our Environmental Management System incorporates Australian sustainable waste management guidelines and adheres to the ISO 14001 Framework for Environmental Management.

We understand that establishing positive and effective sustainability leadership is a key factor in providing our clients with an excellent and ethical product. We meticulously implement environmental and waste management policies and procedures that have been developed through our knowledge and experience and are aligned to best practice smart sustainable business practices.


Sustainable waste management

At Spec Services, we are aware of our environmental footprint and constantly monitor it in our offices and on client sites by:
Diverting waste from landfill by separating waste matter on the construction site and minimising the costs of waste management and environmental impacts.
Using environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning products where possible and constantly reviewing innovative cleaning methods and newly available eco friendly cleaning products.
Managing, recording, and appropriately disposing of waste onsite including hazardous waste.
Providing reports on construction and demolition waste and thoroughly monitor our water usage during onsite cleaning activities.


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    Our Sustainable Waste Management Capability

    Compliant & Capable

    Spec Services is currently developing a sustainable waste management capability through providing design, consultancy, management, and training services, as well as reporting on sustainable waste management outcomes.

    Supporting our clients

    To achieve sustainable waste management standards for new builds, Spec undertakes site environmental inspections using a Site Environmental Inspection Checklist and entering applicable waste details using a Waste Management Plan.

    How we measure

    We also undertake the following control measures and modify, insert, and delete impacts and controls as required on an individual contract basis.


    Certification and sustainability performance

    Spec Services will also offer sustainability waste management training to our clients’ cleaners after the building has been constructed. Training activities will include learning about environmentally friendly cleaning methods and products as well as general waste and recycling management.

    A member of the Spec Services Management Team is currently undertaking training on Green Star and NABERS accreditation programs.

    Once accredited, this employee will be able to assess the design of office fit outs in line with environmental and sustainability ratings as well as ongoing operational energy efficiency.


    Waste management software

    Spec Services has implemented application-based software called “BINTRACKER” which is used to track the weight and waste stream from base buildings and individual tenants.

    The benefit of our cleaners tracking waste includes:

    • achieving better sustainable waste management outcomes through real time feedback on contamination levels and recycling efforts
    • streamlining reporting for NABERS waste ratings
    • providing facilities managers with reconcilable data on waste removal services
    • providing facilities managers with real time data on tenants’ waste contribution and service requirements

    This technology will be central to Spec Services’ sustainable waste management capability within commercial and government buildings where environmental outcomes are tracked and reported.


    Sustainable Procurement practices, vehicle purchasing and GPS tracking

    Spec Services purchases vehicles that have been built within the past 5 years and produce low emissions.

    We also track employees’ vehicles using Verizon Connect trackers which tracks idling time which has a significant impact on emissions. Verizon Connect also supports Spec Services in monitoring our employees’ work health and safety.

    Spec Services will continue to implement new and innovative work practices in line with the changing face of the services industry and will strive to identify profitable revenue streams in line with the companies’ vision.


    Achieving sustainable cleaning

    Spec Services plans to offer advisory services to our clients before the design and construct phase commences to ensure architects and builders keep the following sustainable cleaning and maintenance practices in mind:

    • Installing abseiling fixtures on new builds to ensure abseilors can easily clean the building’s exterior.
    • Building waste sheds close to the tenants’ waste recycling bins.
    • Ensuring the design allows ease of access for larger cleaning equipment such as boom and elevated platforms.
    • Ensuring a Sustainable Waste Manager is always onsite.
    • Ensuring all tradespeople have policies and procedures for sustainable waste management.
    • Separating building rubble and steel onsite and reducing waste removal costs by tens of thousands of dollars and helping our clients reach Green Star ratings.
    • Contracting a community planner to advise on the cleaning requirements for the building and sustainable waste management practices.

    Sustainable Waste Management