Facility maintenance is the people, processes, and plans a Building Manager or Owner needs to get the most out of a commercial building’s physical assets and infrastructure over the longest period possible. Spec Services provide a range of cleaning and maintenance related services to get maximum utility from commercial buildings, including both the assets and equipment inside and around the facility. The goal is to ensure everything is safe, looks good, and is in working order. For residential buildings, we complete property maintenance including garden maintenance, handyman services and specialist cleaning.

Facility maintenance services are often overlooked as a pivotal discipline in achieving efficient and effective results within the built environment.

Our facility maintenance services are planned in conjunction with the building’s ongoing needs whilst ensuring seamless operation of employee’s breakout spaces, amenities, and mess facilities. The development of Touchpoint cleaning protocols to respond to COVID19 safety plans has been important in this space.

Every facility is built on a different landscape and has its own unique set of challenges and requirements. Our facilities manager oversees a complete suite of services across the region whilst working closely with head contractors, administrative groups, and strata committees to ensure suitability and overall client satisfaction.

How can we help?

  • Hygiene, sanitation and facilities maintenance of Aged Care, Construction Sites, Leisure Centres, Commingle workspaces and large shared use commercial buildings.
  • Consultation, planning, scheduling, and reviewing facilities management and cleaning activity including COVID19 Touchpoint and Deep Cleans as required.
  • Medical, data, retail, government, commercial, construction and educational facilities.
  • Hygiene and sanitation of all areas and maintenance of roofs, gutters, basements, waste enclosures and storage areas.
  • Complete facilities cleaning and maintenance of large commercial buildings and complexes.
  • Sustainable waste management training, supervision, and reporting.
  • Scheduled cleaning with on-site meeting to discuss quality and improvements including end of lease cleans and post fit out cleans.
  • Unusual, unplanned, or urgent cleaning requirements including flood or biological clean up.