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Hazmat and Forensic Cleaning and Clearance

Hazmat and Forensic Cleaning and Clearance

Our specialist team at Spec Services provide biohazard, hazardous material removal, decontamination and forensic cleaning services. These services are designed to remediate affected areas to a level which provides a certified, safe environment for people to re-enter, work and reside in.

Spec Services have significant experience with the challenges faced when these unusual and often sensitive situations occur.

Our ‘in house’ microbiologist, pathologist and hygienist, along with a team of trained technicians, will remediate any premises or situation back to a healthy and safe level as required.

Our teams can remove or dispose of any biohazard or infected material as required by legislation.

Specialist environmental and biological cleaning

  • Mould remediation
  • Sewage and effluent remediation
  • Trauma or crime scene cleanup and decontamination
  • Contaminant testing and clearance certificates
  • Drug house/meth lab cleanup and remediation
  • Graffiti removal
  • Disposal of hazardous materials
  • Testing and certification services