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Data Halls, Comms Room and Specialist IT Equipment Cleaning

Data Halls, Comms Room and Specialist IT Equipment Cleaning

Most businesses rely on the effective storage of data to be successful and data must be treated with care and stored in a pristine, controlled environment. Spec Services have experience of construction cleaning and meticulous maintenance cleaning required for expansive data halls, server rooms and all types of IT equipment.

We believe in proactive facility protection and understand the International Standards Organisation developed ISO 14644-1 classification of air cleanliness and cleaning standards.

Understanding your business requirements and bringing our experience in this specialist field will ensure your business can maintain a data safe environment.

Proactive data and IT facility protection

  • Specialist data centre construction, installation and upgrade cleaning services
  • Air scrubbing
  • Dust removal across all surfaces including ducting, cooling towers and electrical cabling
  • Responsive to urgent or emergency situations such as water leaks or other contaminants
  • Annual sub-floor and ceiling cleaning covering air conditioning ducts, air grilles, electrical fittings, piping, conduits, cabling and ceiling stringers
  • Regular inspection and cleaning of high-rise fixtures such as cable trays power trays and fiber optic conduits
  • Server rack interiors and pod exteriors internal and external cleaning at least once a year to eliminate dust and reduce the risk of overheating
  • Regular floor cleaning with respect to different floor coverings whilst protecting other equipment and limiting the use of liquids