Covid-19 Statement

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COVID-19 Touchpoint Disinfect Clean

COVID-19 Touchpoint Disinfect Clean

At Spec Services, we understand that people are fearful of the increasing COVID-19 infection rates and are uncertain about their future. Spec Services can help alleviate these unknowns by providing known and trusted COVID-19 deep clean and disinfection services and a team of experienced specialist cleaners. We deep clean and disinfect any premise whether it is a public, government, commercial, industrial, or residential building, helping to ‘flatten the curve’ and get people’s lives and businesses back on track. 


Our highly skilled and trained COVID-19 cleaning team includes a Microbiologist, Virologist, Industrial Chemist, and several hazmat technicians who are equipped with appropriate levels of personal protective equipment (PPE) and hospital-grade disinfectants.

Our cleaners strictly follow the COVID-19 environmental cleaning and disinfection protocols outlined by the Australian Government and use considerably more advanced cleaning techniques than a typical industrial cleaner.

A combination of cleaning and disinfection is the most effective method in removing the COVID-19 virus and other bacterial microbes. Using disinfectant alone may not kill the virus if the surface has not been thoroughly cleaned with a detergent first. Speed and accuracy are also critical in preventing further spread of the virus, and Spec Services’ cleaners ensure every trace of the virus is deep cleaned and disinfected before areas and buildings are reopened.


Spec Services offers three key stages of COVID-19 deep cleaning and disinfection to make areas and buildings safe again for its occupants. 


Our team only conducts a pre-clean before Stage 2 and 3 cleans when there is a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case. Our in-house Microbiologist or Virologist assesses the contaminated area before recording relevant information and sealing the area for deep cleaning and disinfection. A site-specific action plan is prepared for the area and once the area is sealed and evacuated, only our team of cleaners is permitted to access the area in full PPE. 


Touchpoint Preventative Clean 

Stage 1 involves regular preventative disinfection where our team cleans frequently touched areas inside and outside the building to prevent contamination. High frequency touchpoints include door handles, door frames and surrounds, light switches, oven and microwave doors and handles, fridge doors and handles, toilets, taps, showers, computer equipment, chairs, desks, and flat surfaces. 


Precautionary Clean and Disinfection  

Stage 2 is required when there is a suspected case of COVID-19 and involves a thorough clean and disinfection of the areas mentioned in Stage 1. Chemical compositions are selected according to type of surface area and our cleaners deploy appropriate types of cleaning methods for the surface area including spraying, wiping, and fogging. The PPE used for this stage is increased to a full hazmat suit, protective goggles, full face respirator, gloves, and shoe coverings. 


Confirmed COVID-19 Clean and Disinfection   

Stage 3 repeats the same cleaning method and approach as Stage 2, except the team is aware that the area has been contaminated. The PPE used for this stage is the same as Stage 2 – a full hazmat suit, protective goggles, full face respirator, gloves, and shoe coverings. 


Testing is performed at differing stages throughout remediation depending on the contaminant, type of surface it inhabits and the required outcomes. Some contaminants require testing before an action plan is developed and other contaminants require testing at multiple stages throughout the cleaning cycle. Tests include, but are not limited to, moisture measure, particle count, spore trap, tape lift, and surface swab. 


Post clean and disinfection, our cleaners dispose of their hazmat suits, gloves and shoe coverings in a bag which is sealed and disposed of safely to prevent recontamination. Protective goggles and face respirators are also wiped clean with ethanol and all waste resulting from for stages 2 and 3 is treated as clinical waste. 

Spec Services is committed to protecting your health and wellbeing and bringing you peace of mind, whether you need selective cleaning or the fully integrated cleaning solution.

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